Carli Banks as Hawaiian bikini girl

My interpretation of Carli Banks at the beach…


“Here I am at a beautiful beach in Hawaii. Great day to get some sun and sand! Golly I’m cute.”


“This looks like a good spot. Say, does this bikini make my ass look phat?”


“This is a topless beach, right? RIGHT? Okay, there’s not many people around anyway.”


“Hmmm, I really don’t want any tan lines on my ass, maybe I should take these bottoms off…”


“Nobody’s looking so I’ll just… oh! Is that surf guy waving me over? Hellooooooooo…..”


“Hell yeah I’d like to try surfing. Just let me put this bikini back on. Although nude surfing would be pretty cool….”

Carli Banks is just one of the many gorgeous FTV Girls. Lots more here.

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