Carli Banks and Charlie Laine, a perfect couple

One of my favourite lesbian couples. Enjoy those gorgeous girls eating each other out. Watch as they kiss passionately and adore each other’s pussies.

Carli Banks Kisses REDUX

A big montage of Carli Banks kissing lots of girls and more. Some great highlights here.

Carli Banks – Hawaii

Carli Banks – Hawaii – Year: 2007.
Video courtesy : FTV

Blast from the past while we wait for Carli Banks to resurface again. :) I like the casual interview at a restaurant – lots of cool details.

Bikini model Carli Banks

Bikini models are steaming loads of sexy goodness. Double that if they take the bikini off. Triple that if the bikini model is Carli Banks. She has the natural curves and body that makes a perfect fit. Watching her wet and nude at the pool is definitely a treat that takes me to bonerville.


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Luscious tan on naked Carli Banks


Carli Banks is well known for having a banging bikini bod, but she doesn’t wear them for long. Not with a body like that. This girl deserves to lie by the pool all day sunning her beautiful skin while the rest of us watch enviously. I’m thinking about buying a house with a pool on the off chance Carli Banks will stop by and take her bikini off for me.


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No bikini tan lines on Carli Banks


There’s a lot of pics of Carli Banks in skimpy bikinis, but have you noticed there are no tan lines? She must tan in the nude and I’m all for that. Just how does she keep her amazing figure? Everything is all natural – those incredible tits, that flat tummy, that tight ass. Just unbelievable.


It’s no wonder Carli Banks is called upon to model all the time. She’s a fleshy piece of heaven. There’s a few sets of her with other girls too those are hot. But really, I like fantasizing about having her all to myself, as a rich playboy who keeps bikini girls around for my pleasure.


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Carli Banks has a perfect bikini ass


It’s no surprise Carli Banks gets lots of work as a bikini model. I drool over her body every time I see it.


I think this is a perfect bikini ass. I admit I may be a little biased, but c’mon that ass is super amazing.


Carli Banks uses very little makeup, and everything you see on her gorgeous body is completely natural.


As Much as I like seeing her in bikinis, I like seeing her nude just as much. Especially at the pool.


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Bikini girl Carli Banks spreads for In the Crack


Carli Banks gets lots of work as a bikini model on the beach, and just as much going totally nude.


Her body and looks are all natural. She doesn’t wear much makeup either. Just a natural beauty.


Carli Banks exposes her naked body on this gorgeous beach during a spectacular sunset.


For this In the Crack shoot, she even bends over to show off her sweet delicious pussy lips.

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Carli Banks in a tiny orange thong bikini


What is it with Carli Banks and all these bikinis? Looks like she’s single handedly taken over Bikini Riot.


This time she’s in a tiny orange thong bikini. Not for long though, we want to see those glorious breasts.


Just look at the body. Carli Banks is an all natural girl, looking totally tempting all wet and glistening.


Carli Banks stretches her beautiful nude body by the pool, and I would love to get my hands all over that.

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Carli Banks in a neon thong bikini


Kudos to Carli Banks. Since she’s been a bikini model her body has always been beyond fantastic.


The best thing about Carli Banks in my opinion, is that everything you see is completely natural.


Carli Banks has no problems going from bikini model to nude model on such a beautiful day as this.


Look at those magnificent tits, firm and tan. She’ll probably have an incredible rack her entire life.

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